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Design/Build Projects & Testimonials

Brief List of some of our Design/Build Projects:

nLIFENET Tissue Processing
nPhilip Morris – R&D Labs
nEncelle, Inc - Biotech
nBurlington & TriState – Cleanroom Laundries
nMed Pharmex - Pharmaceutical
nSchwarz-Pharma - Pharmaceutical
nMSHA – US Dept of Labor – Test Lab
nDow Chemical – Cleanroom Glove packaging
nBeckman Coulter – Medical Devices
nHollister Medical Devices
nJM Huber Corporation – Material Science Labs

Some pictures of our projects:


At Technovation we are committed to providing 100% satisfaction for all of our customers as evidenced by our repeat business. Following are comments we have received from a few of them.

Encelle, Inc.:
To Whom It May Concern:
Encelle installed the BIO PLUS® filters in our laboratories in 1996. Since that installation we found the bio burden in the lab to be significantly lower than the same labs with fan filter units.

Due to the success of this room we awarded Technovation a design/build contract for a Class 1,000/ 10,000 suite in our new facility, using the BIO PLUS® filtration system.   We monitor the suite on a weekly basis and have found again that the rooms perform significantly better than the design specs. Our Class 1,000 room has lower Bioburden than a class 100 room (based on USB standards)!

We have been very satisfied in working with Technovation.  Their products and services exceeded the promises you made during the quotation stage.  Additionally, Technovation was able to provide invaluable assistance to us regarding contamination control with respect to our processes.  Again, we have been very pleased and plan to use the BIO PLUS® filtration system in future Cleanroom projects.


Greg L. Smith
Senior Medicinal Chemist, Pharmallin Project Manager
Encelle, Inc.
North Carolina, Research Triangle Park

US Dept. of Labor:
”I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that the “Clean Room” with the BIO PLUS  High Performance Filtration System installed by your organization continues to exceed contract specifications.”

Thomas Tomb
Chief, Dust Division

Dept of the Army

”The outstanding work that you have done has led to your SBIR Phase III success story being selected for publication in the 1998 US Army SBIR Commercialization brochure….”

Dr. Kenneth Bannister
Army Research Center – Washington

Schwarz Pharma Manufacturing:
This letter is intended to inform you that the BIO PLUS® Model 1001 air filter system that we recently purchased from your company has been installed and is working well beyond our original expectations.

We used the BIO PLUS® system to provide HEPA filtered air to a product component sampling room in our receiving department. While this room was specified to meet class 100,000 requirements, our testing of the area after start-up shows a maximum particle count, while the room is active, of 23,000 particles (@>5 micron) per cubic foot of air. Maximum count with the room static, after a ten-minute clearing time, was measured at 12,000 particles per cubic foot. Obviously, we are very pleased with these results.

Our Maintenance Group is also pleased with the unit, maintenance is very simple and straightforward. In addition, the life of the filter units is working out to be longer than we originally expected.  We will be looking into future use of your units within our facilities during specification for some upcoming projects.

It is all to rare these days to find a product that delivers more than was originally promised, at a price that is significantly lower than the alternatives, and delivers the needed equipment ahead of the scheduled delivery date.

In short I am very happy with the BIO PLUS® unit and will, in all probability, be a repeat customer as the need arises.

Thank you,
Mark E. Howard, CPE
Facilities Engineer
Schwarz Pharma Manufacturing 

R&D Magazine; Chairman, R&D 100 Awards:
It is my great pleasure to inform you that your
BIO PLUS® High Efficiency Filtration System has been selected as a winner in the 1997 R&D 100 Awards program. The judging panel and I want to congratulate you and your development team on the technological significance of your product and its introduction into the marketplace.

We recognize how difficult this accomplishment is in today’s fast-paced competitive environment by the extremely high level of products entered in this year’s competition.

Tim Studt
R&D Magazine
Chairman, R&D 100 Awards


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