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Publications and Presentations

Power Point Presentations:
Some of these presentations are available on-line in pdf format - for other listed presentations please Contact Us so that we can email these to you as appropriate.]

1. Technovation Products and Services:
A Presentation regarding Technovation Cleanroom & USP 797 Pharmacy Design/Build Services and Filtration Products.

2. Overview of the Design/Build & Energy Efficient Design Process: This presentation covers a) the End User Project Managers Role b) Energy Efficient Cleanroom Design and c) Regulations for Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Life Sciences, Medical Devices and Hospitals. Contact Us

3. USP 797 Pharmacy Facility Requirements: A DETAILED  Presentation that discusses the USP 797 requirements and also covers Technovation's USP 797 pharmacy cleanroom design/build services. Contact Us

4. USP 797 Pharmacy Facility Requirements: A SHORT presentation as above.

5. Importance of Design/Build in Successful Construction of USP 797 Pharmacy - Advantages of Design/Build method of implementing a USP 797 cleanroom project.

6.Hospital Isolation Rooms  A Presentation covering Technovation’s system for TB isolation room in hospital and other medical environments.

7. Body Box  A Presentation covering Technovation's calibration method for Body Boxes used as an important test method in cleanroom laundries. Contact Us

Related Technical Papers Contact Us :  

Jaisinghani, R.A., “Air Handling Design for Energy Efficient and Low Bioburden Cleanrooms”, Published in A2C2, January 2002..  

Jaisinghani, R.A., “Air Handling Considerations for Cleanrooms”, Paper presented at the 2001 InterPhex Conference, March 20-22, Philadelphia, PA.

Jaisinghani, R.A., “New Ways of Thinking About Cleanroom Airflow Design”, A2C2, p. 13, December 2000. 

Jaisinghani, R.A., G. Smith, G. Macedo,
“Control and Monitoring of Bioburden in Biotech/ Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms”, Journal of Validation Technology, p. 686, August 2000.

Jaisinghani, R.A., “Bactericidal Properties of Electrically Enhanced HEPA Filtration and a Bioburden Case Study”, Paper presented at the 1999 InterPhex Conference, April 20-22, New York, NY. 

Jaisinghani, R.A., T. Inzana, G. Glindemann, “New Bactericidal Electrically Enhanced Filtration System for Cleanrooms”, Paper presented at the IEST’s 44th Annual Technical Meeting and Exposition in Phoenix, Arizona on April 26th through May 1st, 1998.

Jaisinghani, R.A., “Bactericidal Technologies for Cleanrooms and IAQ Applications”,  A2C2, p. 7, April 1998.  
Click here to view doc

Jaisinghani, R.A.,Technologies for Monitoring and Control of Airborne Bioburden/Microorganisms”, Presented at CleanRooms ‘98West, San Diego, California. Published in CleanRooms ’98 West Proceedings.

Jaisinghani, R.A., ENERGY EFFICIENT LOW OPERATING COST CLEANROOM AIRFLOW DESIGN ,Paper presented at IEST’s ESTECH 2003 Conference, Phoenix, AZ May 18-21.

Jaisinghani, R.A., NEW METHOD CALIBRATION FOR CALIBRATION OF A BODY BOX , Paper presented at IEST’s ESTECH 2003 Conference, Phoenix, AZ May 18-21.

Printable Version of Graphs and Images (in jpg and Adobe Acrobat - pdf)

Actual jpg File Print It
Model 1001B Flow           
Model 1001C Flow 
Model 2001B Flow
Model 3001X Flow
Series 1000 AHU Housing
FT 102 (For Series 1000)
Filter Pressure Drop
FT 02 (For Series 2000,3000)
Filter Pressure Drop
Series 1000, Model FT101
Pre-Filter Pressure drop
Model 1001 Submittal Drawing
1001 Outlet dwg
1001 Inlet dwg
Model 2001 Submittal Drawing
Model 3001 Submittal Drawing
FT102 Submittal Drawing
Flow Bench Dimensions
2D Installation Elevation  
Filter installation  2 D Example
3D Cleanroom Design
3D Negative Isolation w/ AC
3D Negative Isolation w/ independent VAV AC supply
3D Negative Isolation w/ integrated VAV AC supply
3D Positive Isolation w/ AC
3D Positive Isolation w/ VAV
3D AHU Filter in Air Handling Unit


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