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Design and Consultancy Services

Technovation has expertise in Cleanroom Design, Operation and Contamination Control. We are now offering Consulting Services to End Users and other AEC and Cleanroom companies, Technovation’s design/consultancy services are supported by state of the art laboratories and R&D. Our Consultancy Services are highly cost effective.The savings in initial and operating costs, as a result of our Consultancy Services, far outweigh the costs of our services.

Our Consultancy group is headed by Raj Jaisinghani who is has headed the design of over 100 cleanroom projects and has numerous patents, publications and presentations related to Cleanroom Design, Fluid Mechanics, Filtration and Aerosol Science. Our Consultancy services are listed below.

Technovation Consultancy Services:

Cleanroom Air Flow Modelling

Using our Transient Analysis and Dilution Models we can very cost effectively determine the optimum air changes per hour (ACH)based on process and personnel considerations.  Our models have been successfully been used in over 100 cleanroom projects. For further information click on Computer Modeling.

Benefits: These models result in Optimum ACH and thus lower initial and lower operating costs.

Particle Generation Characterization of Process Equipment.

Unlike the semiconductor industries equipment used in Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical industries are not characterized for particle generation and as a result there is a considerable risk to the successful Validation of the facility when such parameters are unknown. Technovation has developed techniques based on our Dilution model that characterize process equipment such that their particle generation parameters (G Factors) are established irrespective of the cleanroom they are placed in. This then determines the class of the room where such equipment may be used. Such information and data is invaluable not only to the end users, but also to equipment manufacturers and cleanroom designers. 

Benefits: Risk elimination in Operational Classification of Cleanroom.

Full Cleanroom Facility, BSL and other Lab Design Services

Technovation uses sophisticated and cost effective design methods, including computer analysis for airflow determination and our Patented Optimized Bypass Air Handling System, to result in low energy consumption cleanrooms with negligible bioburden.  Our Design Services are complemented by our Inspection site visits that ensure successful projects including IQ and OQ. We gaurantee successful projects based on our designs.For more information on our Energy Efficient Design methods click on Cleanrooms.

Benefits: High Performance rooms, Lower Initial and Operating Costs and Fast Lower Cost Validation.

Validation Services - Master Validation Plan, DQ, IQ, OQ and PQ.
Our Validation Services are based on expert risk analysis and experience. Further we can have the entire design and Master Validation Plan pre-reviewed by the FDA or other bodies in order to ensure the fastest possible Validation and project approval. Our detailed, timely and clear documentation and Validation Plan development ensures that the project will minimize any Change Orders and increase in Construction Costs. Our Validation work is supported by a host of our partner companies that have successfully worked with us on many projects.

Benefits: Validation risks reduced due to our experience in such projects.

Hospital USP 797 compliant Pharmacies, Isolation Rooms & ORs  Consultancy

For TB, Aids Isolation Rooms, Pharmacies, ORs, Oncology, Burn Centers, Triage, Radiology and Laboratories.  We offer highly cost effective Phase I design consultancy (gap analysis) for hospitals getting involved with USP 797 pharmacies. This work includes development of productivity enhancing layouts, utility requirements, site review for required mechanical and other systems, demolition assessments and operating consultancy. For more information on our Hospital cleanrooms click on Hospitals.

Benefits: High Performance rooms - fully compliant -  with Lower Initial and Operating Costs

Aerosol and Filtration Contract Research and Consultancy
We have well established expertise in the above fields coupled with Fluid Mechanics and Filter and Fiber Technology, and Electrically Enhanced Filtration as applied to solving Contamination Control problems. We also have expertise in Absorption and Adsorptive process and Indoor Air pollution control.

Support Test Laboratories:
Technovation is a leader in contamination control technologies. Our Consultancy work is supported by  state of the art aerosol measurement equipment in our filtration test laboratory, including TSI’s scanning mobility particle sizing system, with 2 nm particle size sensitivity, specialized ultra high concentration aerosol generators capable of producing fine, dry and neutralized aerosol as high as 1013#/ml (for ultra high filtration efficiency testing), among other filtration test equipment. Our filtration laboratory can test filters from flows as low as a few cubic feet per minute to 3000 scfm. Our particle measurement capability ranges from 2 - 5000 nm. Our specialized sampling and other equipment enable us to measure particle size based filtration efficiency as high as 99.999999% (10-8 penetration)! We also have two test Cleanrooms for evaluating and developing newer methods in air flow design. 

Our Mission

To provide high performance, cost effective and energy efficient cleanrooms, 
controlled environments and related products to our customers 
using the highest technical and professional standards.


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