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TB Isolation-3D
Pos. Isolation-3D


Positive & Negative Pressure Isolation Units

Laboratories ORs AFB (TB) Isolation
Oncology Burn Wards Neo-Natal
HIV/AIDS Pharmacies Triage
SARS Isolation Radiology  


Negative Pressure Isolation Room

Bathroom exhaust tied into the exhaust ducting.

Risk reduction that pays for itself:
  • Meet or exceed CDC guidelines for AFB Isolation Rooms and save 40%-60% of the initial straight ventilation renovation. This system has met the exacting standards of A.H.C.A.
  • Provide your employees and clients with four times the contaminant removal of straight ventilation at similar ACH.
  • Invest in a system that will pay for itself in energy savings within one to one and one half years.
  • Cut maintenance costs (by up to $2500 per room see our Medical Systems Power Point presentation) with a truly user-friendly system that requires only minimal filter change outs.

Positive Pressure Cleanrooms

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