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 BIO PLUS®  Ultra Low PD
HEPA Filters* for AHUs

0.6”WC Ultra Low Pressure Drop @ 2000 scfm
Save up to $925 per year per filter in operating costs (11.5 months ROI) – not including savings in down time!

Submittal Drawings
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Engineering/Application Data
  • For Existing and New AHUs (Air Handling Units)
  • Filters fit most framing and sealing systems designed for HEPA filters.
  • With OPTIONAL framing system for various depth and rating Prefilters.

The  AHU filters are specified as:


where P =1 for 115 VAC OR P= 2 for 220 VAC, and, 

 N is the number of filters. 

The system consists of:

  • The Series 1000 filter element – Part number FT-102.
  • The Ionizer Part number  1000-NZ. This mounts on to the filter. 
  • The NEMA 4 Electrical Box – Part number 1000-EL-’N’
    where, N = number of filter elements in the installation. This is installed on the outside of the AHU or other housing.
  • Optional  ASHRAE Pre-Filter – PN: FT 101 for 4" 30% ASHRAE Prefilter. This mounts on the HEPA filter frame.

NEMA 4 Electrical Box

Filter w/ Ionizer and Frame

Filter w/ Ionizer Assembled in Frame

Filter/Ionizer and Prefilter in Frames


DIMENSIONS:  24”x24”x13.625” (15.625” with 4” pre-filter installed)

Electrical Box dimensions varies depending on the number of filters.

*Patent Pending

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